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Virtual CIO Services

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C-Level IT leadership for Your Small Business!

STRATISPHERE vCIO Services are headed by MBA-educated tech executives.  They understand how to use technology to enhance your go-to-market strategy and increase your competitive advantage. They also provide day-to-day executive-level oversight of your critical IT infrastructure and functions.

Strategic Virtual CIO Services begin each engagement with a vCIO strategic review that takes a 30,000-foot view of your business goals, objectives, and competitive landscape.


Then we analyze your current use of technology working down through 400 data points to ensure every aspect of your technology infrastructure is correctly aligned to the ultimate goals of improving performance, protecting the business from IT risks, and increasing your competitive advantage.  


From this analysis we work up a plan, budget, and time frame to bring all of your business technology into alignment.  This plan is reviewed with Executive Management in Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR’s) included in each STRATISPHERE™ STRATEGIC IT SERVICES package.


STRATISPHERE™ Strategic Virtual CIO Services

Experienced CIO's and MBA's.

Our Virtual CIO teams are led by experienced CIO's with MBA's. We are technology people that understand and speak the language of business. Costs, budgets, ROI, risk profile, net present value analysis...we speak the language of business!

Corporate Strategy Alignment Assessment

Our process begins with an executive meeting to discuss overall corporate strategy, competitive landscape, and short and long term corporate goals and objectives. This becomes the Strategic Roadmap for aligning existing and new technologies and becomes the basis for short and long-term planning.

Why Do You Need a vCIO?

Strategic Consulting and vCIO Services

Doing IT right is more than just fixing computers and preventing issues. Your business needs technology planning, long-term budgeting, and strategic consulting as a part of your managed IT services stack in order to remain flexible as you grow and enhance your competitive advantage!

400-pt. Strategic Alignment Assessment

A STRATIS vCIO will conduct a thorough 400-point Strategy Alignment Assessment on your current IT infrastructure, applications, and processes. Next, we dive into your corporate strategy, competitive landscape, and short- and long-term corporate goals and objectives. This becomes the Strategic Roadmap for aligning existing and new technologies and becomes the basis for short and long-term planning.

Technology Professional with an MBA

Beyond having deep technical expertise and being on top of the latest industry trends, a vCIO needs to have a good understanding of business management. That is why all STRATIS vCIO’s are also MBA’s. Business management experience is required to understand your business goals, ultimately turning your goals into a robust, long-term strategic technology plan that aligns with your company’s unique needs and vision.

6 Ways Virtual CIO Services Provide Value

A seasoned vCIO will have had the advantage of seeing hundreds of other companies struggling with many of the same challenges as yours, and knows which technologies are best for solving specific problems.

Help set strategic priorities, key initiatives, and identify ROI

Provide methods and processes to drive change

Offer input on regulatory and compliance matters

Evaluate current team skills and alignment

Manage your day to day technology direction

Support strategic vendor relationships

Technology is Complex / Changes Quickly

Most companies have a hard time keeping up with their core business challenges, let alone managing their technology properly. Many companies are stuck in a rut, continuing to maintain outdated technology that is hindering performance. The ultimate goal, of course, is to leverage technology to increase revenue and decrease expenses.

STRATISPHERE™ Strategic Virtual CIO Services QBR

Quarterly Business Review: We meet with your executive team monthly / quarterly to review your primary goals and objectives, review your progress, and work out next steps.  Our 400-point analysis evaluates criteria in three primary focus areas:

Focus #1: Is your IT running like a Utility? 0

Focus #2: Minimize IT Risks & Liabilities? 0

Focus #3: Maximizing Technology Competitive Advantage? 0

Enhance Your Competitive Advantage!

Part of the STRATISPHERE™ Comprehensive IT Services Bundle

STRATISPHERE™ Strategic Virtual CIO Services Silver Gold Platinum
Experienced CIO / MBA-led Teams
Corporate Strategy Alignment Assessment
Current Technology Infrastructure Assessment. Over 400 different assessment points to thoroughly assess the state of your current technology.
Competitive Landscape Technology Assessment
Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR's)
Monthly Business Reviews (MBR's)

STRATIS SYSTEMS’ Strategic Focus Yields Real Results!


Start Transforming Your Business Today!

Focusing on your technology from a strategic viewpoint lowers costs, increases productivity, and makes an impact where it matters most…NET PROFIT!
Charts showing increase in competitive advantage representing STRATIS SYSTEMS’ Strategic IT Services Focus Yields Real Results

Part of the STRATISPHERE™ suite of services!