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STRATISPHERE™ is a Comprehensive Suite of IT Services for Small Business

STRATISPHERE™ STRATEGIC IT SERVICES are a comprehensive suite of systems, protocols, IT managed services, IT risk prevention services, and Virtual CIO IT leadership custom architected for small business to provide a one-source, fully managed, outsourced IT department.

We begin each engagement with a vCIO strategic review that takes a 30,000-foot view of your business goals, objectives, and competitive landscape. Then we analyze your current use of technology. Next, we work down through 400 data points to ensure every aspect of your technology infrastructure is correctly aligned to the ultimate goals of improving performance, protecting your business from IT risks, and increasing your competitive advantage!


Strategic Direction / Competitive Advantage

STRATIS Virtual CIO's have extensive technology expertise with strategic business knowledge and experience. We align your technology to your strategic business objectives utilizing new and existing technologies to enhance your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

IT Executive Administration

Keeping up with new technologies, regulatory compliance, license compliance, vender management, cloud services administration, IT governance, asset inventory management, budgeting and forecasting, and oversight of IT functions.


Cybersecurity is critical and one of the most important aspects of running a business. 60% of small business that were victims of a cyberattack were out of business in 6 months!

Data Protection / Backup / Recovery

Data might be the single most important asset of any business! Data backup and disaster recovery are both important elements of preserving your business in the long run.

Core IT Infrastructure

This is the plumbing or lighting analogy of IT Services. It just needs to work with the ease and reliability of a utility. User, workstation, and network monitoring and support


Line draw image respresenting STRATIS Core IT Managed Services
Virtual CIO Services

C-level IT leadership for your small business to ensure your technology is aligned with your strategic goals.

Part of the STRATISPHERE™ suite of services.

Line draw image respresenting STRATIS Managed Cloud Services
Cloud Services

Management of AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and host of other cloud-based applications and services.

Part of the STRATISPHERE™ suite of services.

Line draw image respresenting STRATIS Core IT Managed Services
Core IT Managed Services

IT as reliable and easy as a utility. We do it all you just flip the switch!

Part of the STRATISPHERE™ suite of services.

Line draw image respresenting STRATIS IT Risk Prevention Services
IT Risk Prevention Services

Cybersecurity, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity Services.

Part of the STRATISPHERE™ suite of services.

STRATISPHERE™ Strategic IT Services Bundles

STRATISPHERE™ Virtual CIO Services Silver Gold Platinum
Experienced CIO / MBA-led Teams
Corporate Strategy Alignment Assessment
Current Technology Infrastructure Assessment
Competitive Landscape Technology Assessment
Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR's)
Monthly Business Reviews (MBR's)
STRATISPHERE™ Cloud Services
Cloud Technology Assessment
Cloud SaaS Application Monitoring
Cloud SaaS Application Support
Cloud Server Management
Cloud Application Consulting
SaaS Application Single Sign-on (Where supported)
STRATISPHERE™ IT Managed Services
Unlimited Remote Support (Business Hours)
24 x 7 System Alerts & Monitoring / Remediation
Microsoft O/S Patch Management
Mac/Apple O/S Patch Management
Network Device O/S Updates
Vendor Liaison (ISP's, Web Hosting, etc.)
Vendor Liaison (Line of Business Applications)
Non-Microsoft Desktop Patches and Updates
Server Alert Monitoring
Firewall Management & Firmware Updates
Non-Microsoft Desktop Patches and Updates
Unlimited Onsite Support (Business Hours)
After Hours Phone & Remote Support
24 x 7 Server Emergency O/S Updates & Patches
STRATISPHERE™ IT Risk Prevention Services
SECURITY BASICS: Anti-virus, Patch Management, Password Policies, Role-Based Access Control: files, apps, systems, WiFi Security, IT Asset Documentation/Password Management.
ENHANCED ENDPOINT SECURITY: Full end-point security services. With RANSOMEWARE protection!
END-USER TRAINING: IT Security Policies, Annual Cybersecurity Training & Testing, Email Phishing Simulation, Tracking/Compliance Verification Portal, Employee Security Score.
BUSINESS CONTINUITY: Comprehensive Image-Level Backup, Local Backup (every hour) and Instant Virtualization, Offsite Backup (nightly) and Cloud Virtualization, Backup Verification/Ransomware Detection
SECURITY AUDITING: Annual Risk Assessment – NIST SP 800-30, Quarterly Vulnerability Scans, Dark Web Breach Monitoring, Network Scans for Sensitive Data (PII).
DETECTION & RESPONSE: Real-Time Alerts and Incident Response Security Information and Events Monitor (SIEM) 24/7 Cyber Security Operations Center (SOC) Integrated Virtual Cloud Sensor AI and Machine Learning Powered Rules Engine Turnkey Compliance Reporting.

STRATISPHERE™ Does IT All – Start Today!

Focusing on your technology from a strategic viewpoint lowers costs, increases productivity, and makes an impact where it matters most…NET PROFIT!
Charts showing increase in competitive advantage representing STRATIS SYSTEMS’ Strategic IT Services Focus Yields Real Results

Part of the STRATISPHERE™ suite of services!