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Wireless Security Solutions

Easy to install and configure wireless options allows you to mount cameras anywhere and be up and running in no time!

The Only PROACTIVE Solution

Catches intruders BEFORE they have a chance to act.

Get the only security system that can prevent threats before they start.  Other alarm and camera systems can only passively record issues for later review or raise an alarm AFTER a break-in has already occurred.


STRATISECURE™ powered by DeepSentinel™ raises the alarm as soon as the advanced AI detects a threat and live guards respond within 10 seconds.  Most threats are thwarted immediately.  If necessary law enforcement can be notified within 30 seconds.

Watch & listen while the AI identifies a threat and a LiveSentinel™ guard responds!

Intelligent Hub

Local Private Storage

Hub contains 4Gb of RAM and 64GB ultra-fast memory storage.

Smart Recording

Advanced AI system detects threats and only records when threat-activated.  This ensures ample storage for up to 6 months of archive footage.

On-site System Processor

Only security system with an on-site Snapdragon 829 SoC processor capable of processing 10 frames per second.

True AI Analysis

Advanced AI system can distinguish between human threats and animals and waving branches and flags ensuring threats are real and verifiable before alerts are issued.

Next-Gen Wireless Cameras

1080p (HD) Resolution

Weather-proof camera with full 1080p HD video stream. Built-in LED ring which lights when guards are viewing stream.

Instant Initialization & Recording

Standby mode to record in under 250 milliseconds

Intervention via Two-way Audio

High quality 104db two-way audio allows guards to warn intruders and ascertain threat level.

High Clarity Night Vision

850nm infrared LED’s allow motion detection as far as 35ft, day or night.

Wide Field of View (130 Degrees)

Ultra wide viewing angle allows guards a big picture view with out any picture warping.

Power Options

Up to 9 months on a single charge. Also, a built-in charging station on the primary control hub allows a fresh battery to always be available. POE models are powered via a POE switch. Solar power also available.

Vigilant LiveSentinel™ Guards

24/7 Human Monitoring

Vigilant LiveSentinel™ guards monitor and respond to AI identified threats 24/7.

10 Second Identification

Threats are identified within 10 seconds allowing guards to react and respond faster than any other security system!

Real-time Intervention

Once alerted by the AI guards intervene in real-time and assess the threat.  Each camera contains a built-in speaker to initiate two-way conversation of set off a siren.

100% Verified Police Escalation

Police can be contacted within 20 seconds with verified crime-in-progress reports.  Police classify such calls as “high priority”.

Easy 30 Minute Installation

Simple Business or Home DIY installation or schedule our STRATIS professional installation team.

START NOW With Our 3 Camera Starter Kit!

Wireless System Specifications

System Requirements

  • Minimum Upload Speed: 5Mbps
  • (TEST NOW – Opens in a new window)
  • Phone support:
    • iOS 11 and later (iPhone 6 and later)
    • Android Oreo and later (We test and support Google Pixel 2/ 2XL, Samsung Galaxy S8/ S9, and LG V30)
  • System supports 6 cameras + 1 hub


  • Wireless, gunmetal plastic housing
  • 8.3 ounces
  • 2.56″ (65 mm) width, 5.18″ (131.5 mm) height, 4.41″ (65 mm) depth
  • Weatherproof IP65
  • 130° field of view (FOV)
  • 100 ft. wireless range


  • 4GB dedicated RAM and 64GB ultra-fast flash memory storage
  • Local AI in Hub means lightning-fast processing & classification
  • AI analyzes 50+ images per second & is always learning
  • 5.64″ (143.16 mm) width, 4.67″ (118.53 mm) height

Video Recording

  • < 10 seconds streaming to Live Sentinel Guards
  • 64 GB revolving free cloud storage


  • Push-to-talk two-way audio
  • 104dB siren


  • Built-in LED Ring
  • Visual indication when guards are viewing


  • Capacity: 9600 mAh – 3 month run time
  • 1 extra battery included to charge in hub.


  • English


  • Only one screw required per mount
  • 2.76″ (70.01 mm) width, 3.19″ (80.94 mm) height

In The Box

  • 1 – 6x Cameras
  • 1x Hub with built-in battery charger
  • 2 – 7x rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • 1 – 6x single screw wall mounts
  • 1x installation kit
  • Others: 1x yard sign, sticker kit


  • 12V output, Supports 100-240V AC

Size & Weight

  • Package Box: 16.73″ (425 mm) length, 10.2″ (259 mm) width, 6.18″ (157 mm) height
  • 10 lbs

Environmental Requirements

  • Operating Temperature: -4°F to 122°F (-20° to 49°C). Upgrade to Extreme Batteries available for temperatures as low as -40ºF (-40ºC)

Also, see our Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Options!