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Welcome to the future of security!

STRATISECURE™ powered by Deep Sentinel pairs Artificial Intelligence with Human Intervention.

The Ultimate Security Solution

Powered by proprietary artificial intelligence, HD smart cameras, and 24/7 LiveSentinel™ personal security guards.  STRATISECURE powered by DeepSentinel sets the new standard in business and home protection.

Next-Gen Camera System

Full 1080p HD video stream, ultra-clear night vision, 130 degree field of view, 2-way 180db audio with siren and AI threat identification.

Artificial Intelligence

Transformative artificial intelligence processes 50+ images per second and separates potential threats like humans from useless events such as cars and flags. 

24/7 Live Monitoring

A guard at our  is assigned to the live video stream in real-time, analyzing all the information to decide whether an intervention is necessary. Guards respond in seconds.

20 Second Escalation

Guards intervene directly using the camera’s 2-way 104dB audio or built-in siren. Often, a “hello” is all that’s needed.  If necessary guards call local law enforcement.  All within about 20 seconds! 

Next-Gen High Resolution Camera Systems

1080p (HD) Resolution

Weather-proof camera with full 1080p HD video stream. Built-in LED ring which lights when guards are viewing stream.

Instant Initialization & Recording

Standby mode to record in under 250 milliseconds.

Intervention via Two-way Audio

High quality 104db two-way audio allows guards to warn intruders and ascertain threat level.

High Clarity Night Vision

850nm infrared LED’s allow motion detection as far as 35ft, day or night.

Wide Field of View (130 Degrees)

Ultra wide viewing angle allows guards a big picture view with out any picture warping.

Extra Long Battery Life
(wireless models)

Up to 9 months on a single charge.  Also, a built-in charging station on the primary control hub allows a fresh battery to always be available.  POE models are powered via a POE switch.

24/7 Real Human Monitoring

Professionally trained security guards monitor potential threats 24 x 7.

Real-time Intervention

Security professionals respond real-time through a 2-way speaker system within each camera.  They may also selectively trigger an 104db audible siren.

Threat ID in 10 Seconds

Sophisticated AI triggers threat alerts in under 10 seconds and a live security guard responds immediately.  Faster than any system on the market.

Live Monitoring 24/7

Law Enforcement Escalation

If warranted a high priority call is logged with the police within 20 seconds with full details of the potential threat.

No False Alarms

Advanced AI determines real threats vs animals, flags, wind, etc. so security professionals can evaluate and focus on real incursions.  

Protect Yourself
  • Theft
  • Break-in
  • Vandalism
  • Loitering
  • Unwanted Visitors

The Only Security System with Live Guards

Once the AI perceives a threat live guards are instantly notified and have eyes on your property within seconds. Live guards will try to communicate with the intruder via built-in 104db speakers and can then escalate to the police within seconds. 

No One Does Security Like We Do!

STRATISECURE™ Powered by DeepSentinel™ Alarm Brands (ADT, Vivint, FrontPoint) Camera Brands (Ring, Nest, Ario)
24/7 LiveSentinel™ Guards
Live Guards Intervene with Intruders (Within 30 seconds)
Prevent Home Intrusion (Beyond the Front Door)
Prevent Package Theft
Rapid Police Contact (Within 30 seconds)
Rapid Police Response (100% as Verified)

Wireless or POE Options for Any Size Business

STRATISECURE™ powered by DeepSentinel wireless systems are easy to install and work well for small businesses which need six or fewer cameras.  PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) systems work best for larger installations which need more cameras and requires wiring installed at the premise.

Wireless Security Solutions

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Solutions

Don’t Compromise On Your Business Security.

Conventional security systems contact law enforcement in 8 minutes on average.

STRATISECURE™ powered by DeepSentinel responds within 30 seconds! Peace of mind is priceless!