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IT Risk Prevention Services

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Are You Prepared for Technology-based Risks?

STRATISPHERE™ Risk Prevention Services is a comprehensive suite of plans, systems, protocols, and services designed to protect your business data and business operations in the case of any significant negative event.  Negative events that pose a risk to your business my take many forms such as cybersecurity events, natural disasters, building or device failures or civil unrest. With STRATIS, you can rest easy knowing your data security is in good hands.

STRATISPHERE™ IT Risk Prevention Services


STRATIS provides world-class managed security solutions that address today's cybersecurity threats. We'll help you manage compliance needs to reduce regulatory risk, handle user training so your employees know how to spot and avoid cyber attacks, and deploy top-tier business continuity solutions to keep your business running even if you suffer a breach.

Ransomeware Protection

Ransomware, the most prolific cyber threat of the moment, gains foothold in organizations and companies via file-sharing networks, e-mail attachments, malicious links or compromised websites that allow direct downloads. The first quarter of 2016 saw 3,500% growth in the number of ransomware domains created, setting a new record. Ransomeware protection comes automatically in every STRATISPHERE package!

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery in information technology is part of security planning and is developed in conjunction with a business continuity plan. Disaster recovery is a set of policies, procedures, technologies, and services which focus on protecting an organization from any significant effects in case of a negative event, which may include cyberattacks, natural disasters or building or device failures. Disaster recovery helps in designing strategies that can restore hardware, applications and data quickly for business continuity.

Business Continuity

Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR or BC/DR) is a set of processes, techniques, technologies, and services used to help an organization recover from a disaster and continue or resume routine business operations. It is a broad term that combines the roles and functions of IT and business in the aftermath of a disaster.

Part of the STRATISPHERE™ Comprehensive IT Services Bundle

STRATISPHERE™ IT Risk Prevention Services Silver Gold Platinum
SECURITY BASICS: Anti-virus, Patch Management, Password Policies, Role-Based Access Control: files, apps, systems, WiFi Security, IT Asset Documentation/Password Management.
ENHANCED ENDPOINT SECURITY: Full end-point security services. With RANSOMEWARE Protection!
END-USER TRAINING: IT Security Policies, Annual Cybersecurity Training & Testing, Email Phishing Simulation, Tracking/Compliance Verification Portal, Employee Security Score.
BUSINESS CONTINUITY: Comprehensive Image-Level Backup, Local Backup (every hour) and Instant Virtualization, Offsite Backup (nightly) and Cloud Virtualization, Backup Verification/Ransomware Detection
SECURITY AUDITING: Annual Risk Assessment – NIST SP 800-30, Quarterly Vulnerability Scans, Dark Web Breach Monitoring, Network Scans for Sensitive Data (PII).
DETECTION & RESPONSE: Real-Time Alerts and Incident Response Security Information and Events Monitor (SIEM) 24/7 Cyber Security Operations Center (SOC) Integrated Virtual Cloud Sensor AI and Machine Learning Powered Rules Engine Turnkey Compliance Reporting.

Endpoint Risk Analytics Report

Fixes Misconfigurations Efficiently

Computes Risk Score

Sort & Prioritize Assets

206 Security Indicators

System Hardening (Encryption, Device Control, App Control, Firewall, Patching)

Powered by Continual Global Threat Reasearch

Deciction of End Point Security report with charts and graphs

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Part of the STRATISPHERE™ suite of services!