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Strategic Business Technology Evaluation

Unlock higher productivity, robust risk protection, and enhanced Competitive advantage!


We provide you a thorough 400-point analysis of your current technology infrastructure.  Then we look at your use of technology to protect and enhance your competitive position.

Our virtual CIO executives are seasoned technology leaders with MBA’s and years of IT technical and C-level management experience.

In-depth Analysis of:

Network Infrastructure

Office infrastructure analysis as well as remote and work-from-home analysis and optimization. Your IT infrastructure’s operation should be out-of-mind and seamless. It should be as reliable and predictable as flicking on the lights.

Data Protection

Your data is arguably your most valuable asset. Data protection is part of security planning and is developed in conjunction with a business continuity to protect you from any significant effects in case of a negative event.


Are you fully prepared for potentially business ending technology risks and liabilities? For instance, cyber crime, malware, ransomware, natural disaster or civil unrest could all cripple or destroy your business.

Competitive Advantage

STRATISPHERE vCIO Services are headed by MBA-educated tech executives who understand how to use technology to enhance your go-to-market strategy and increase your competitive advantage.

Network Infrastructure Analysis

Full analysis of all network hardware and productivity devices.  Onsite and remote access methods and security analysis. Work-from-home analysis.

Data Protection Analysis

Are your backups consistent, reliable, and verifiable? Do you have and have you tested your Disaster Recovery plans and Business continuity plans? Is your data access secure?

Cybersecurity Analysis

Malware, virus protection, ransomware protection and mitigation systems and planning. Mitigation plans and testing.

Application Analysis

Application types, versions, and licensing.  Suitability for purpose. Data silos and workflow inefficiencies.

Cloud Analysis

Cloud solutions and methods of access. Single sign-on and cloud security.  Cloud access inaccessibility recourse planning.

Competitive Analysis

As a small business leader nothing worries you more than keeping ahead of the competition. However, are you using your technology to effectively carve out and protect your competitive advantage?

Business Technology has one true purpose!

Technology should cut costs, increase productivity, and protect you from risks. But, more than anything else it should enhance your competitive advantage.


Plan now to increase productivity, protect your business from risk and enhance your competitive advantage!

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